31 August, 2022

The underfloor wheelset lathes are designed to reprofile wheelsets in railway halls without them having to be disassembled from the vehicles.
The lathe, produced by SAFOP, is the UGL 30D/CNC model, capable of reproducing in tandem the wheels and brake disks of locomotives, carriages and wagons without having to disassemble the vehicles.
The vehicle is supported and guided over the lathe in the pit by a fixed input and output rail as well as two retractable rail sections that are activated once the positioning and lifting phase of the room has been completed to clear the area.
The lathe has a numerical control and control system (CNC) that ensures maximum safety and minimum margin of error, all the activities being conducted remotely and using the computer support that helps guide every operation and reduce downtime.
Turning a pair of wheels takes about 50’ reducing drastically the total downtime of a vehicle that, especially in the case of locomotives, has a high impact on the productivity of the railway system.
The lathe can also re-model the wheels of a disassembled trolley from the rolling stock. Its location, in a special pit formed under the level of the floor, allows you to achieve reprofiling operations without it being necessary to disassemble any piece of vehicle.